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About us

Nos encanta si tu brillas!

We love to see you shine!

Equipo JC
Equipo El Taller de JC

We consider ourselves lucky to have opened our shop in Estepona on June 6, 2015. We are Juan Carlos and Christiane, and we were filled with excitement to work together.

Juan Carlos is the creative one, passionately dedicated to his work and blessed with an imaginary mind for jewellery. For over 6 years, he has delved into the world of 3D design, discovering the incredible advantages and details it brings to his creations—a truly fascinating journey! With the beginning of the pandemic he extended this journey by integrating organic design, such as smooth textures, and animals which almost appear realistic and more.

JC diseñando
JC diseñando

Christiane finds joy in helping and advising our cherished customers. Assisting Juan Carlos with little tasks and has now added the social media world into her duty. Her world was once filled with administration, technical instruction, and projects in the corporate world, always striving to improve processes for the benefit of clients.

Assisting customer choose jewellery
Ayudar con joyas

Together, we share a simple mission: to bring happiness to people through artisanal, enduring jewellery like in the old times…  Our motto is, “We love to see you shine!”

Juan Carlos always says, “Each jewellery piece I forge is special and emotional, it carries a meaning. Discovering the stories behind each of them, incorporating a little detail into them, brings me inner satisfaction. I feel fulfilled, especially when adding my personal touch to a creation made with and for you.”

JC trabajando en su mesa
JC trabajando en su mesa

We focus on three aspects for your:

  1. Designing and crafting or remodelling (transforming) a jewellery piece exclusively for you.
  2. Offering our jewellery collections; we create new ones every year.
  3. Mending, extending, and repairing your treasured possessions.

We are delighted that you have taken an interest in us.

If you would like to read more about, e.g. “Creating a Jewellery Piece,” we regularly update our blog. Or add your email to our CONTACT form, we’ll send you the latest blog posts or notify you when something new is available.

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