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The 3 crucial aspects of an engagement ring

Crafting timeless love

What do you think would be important to know when buying or getting a “one of a kind” engagement ring created? It is a significant and deeply personal aspire, and it is wonderful that you are putting your thoughts and consideration into it. We will share with you the importance of the three aspects you should consider. Quality, durability, and design are indeed the 3 crucial parts  to focus on when crafting the perfect engagement ring. We will share our take on it. 

Anillo compromiso con diamante
Engagement ring solitaire

What is the diference in quality?

Quality is indeed a top priority for us, it appeals to all jewellery pieces, not only to engagement rings. By this we refer to the quality of the materials, which would be the metals and or gemstones and the craftsmanship, our hands and experience so to speak. Both directly affect the overall beauty and longevity of the ring. High-quality material ensure that the ring retains its sparkle and elegance for years to come, which is our general attempt.  

Why should I look for durability?

Durability is closely tied to quality. A durable ring will withstand daily wear and tear, symbolising the lasting nature of your love. When choosing materials, opt for metals that are known for their strength, such as high-quality gold alloys or platinum. (We usually recommend 18K gold). These materials are less likely to show signs of wear, making them ideal for an enduring symbol of commitment. Additionally, consider the setting style and design, as certain settings can provide added protection to the gemstone. We go through with you and explain the different options, so you feel comfortable with your choice

Yellow gold engagement ring with diamond in white gold setting
Engagement ring bi-colour

Does design matter?

Designing engagement rings brings sparkle into our eyes. The design of a bespoke or one of a kind engagement ring is a personal and heartfelt expression of your love, which your fiance will definitely appreciate. You might already have a specific design in mind. Many of our clients came with a picture or scribble. Or you might prefer to collaborate with us on the design. We love to design together with you. In any case, it is essential to ensure that it aligns with the taste and style of your loved one. 

Engagement ring with diamond
Engagement ring band style

Last, but not least, there is money involved. Clearly defining a budget for the ring would be ideal. High quality and durability can be achieved at various price points. We can guide you and provide you with all the necessary information. Considering the budget upfront may help you in making informed choices. 

It is a special journey you are taking on. We would be delighted to be part of it.  

Wishing you all the happiness and love on your “engagement ring” journey! 💍💕

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